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          NGSS - Find new resources to help you implementNGSS in your classroom.

          Visit my Forensic Science page to find lessons you can use in your current curriculum to target forensics.

          Explore the
          Kid Zone to find interactive sites and great resources for your students.

          Welcome to the Science Spot, your source for FREE lessons, activities, and resources for middle school teachers! 

          What are your students studying right now? My classes are currently gearin up for the annual Eagle Days Festival in our county.  We will investigate raptors as well as try building our own bird nests for the Build-A-Nest challenge.  Go to Bald Eagle Lessons page for more details!

          What will we be studying during 2nd semester?  After the eagle unit, we will begin our Forensic Science unit to investigate the use of chemistry, genetics, and physics in crime solving.  Go to theForensic Science area for the lessons and resources.  



          STEAM Mini Units - Check out my new mini units targeting one or more STEAM areas.More will be added throughout the school year!

          Mrs. T's Site Spotlight -Gimkit
          I recently tried the Gimkit program as a review assignment for the Super Slingers project and my students LOVED it!   The students were engaged for a much longer time than they would have been with a traditional assignment.  I could easily see the concepts/topics were difficult from the questions they missed, which allowed me to provide instruction where needed to help them better understand the materia.  On review day, we played the "team" or "live" version.  The kids liked having the options available in the plug in sections.  I liked the ability to upload the questions from a spreadsheet rather than having to enter them in one at a time. Click HERE to view my "kit" for the Super Slingers unit!

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